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Safe & Secure Transactions.

Buy from online sellers, conduct transactions seemlessly and effortlessly without getting defrauded. SafeTrade stands in as the middle-man and ensures you receive your parcel in good condition and the money gets to the seller.

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Be the eye candy and stand out by offering a new method of transacting with your customers with added security measures for both parties. SafeTrade is fast, secure and accessible on all your devices. You can start a transaction with someone using just their name, email address and address — they don't need to have a SafeTrade account.


Highest assurance of safety always

No matter who starts the transaction, the transaction terms must be agreed by both parties before proceeding further. A broker is also assigned to each transaction to ensure payment and all other obligations are met.

Payment is made whether in full or as initial payment or in installment for goods and services before the actual service is done.

We also make use of Ncrypt to secure your data in our database. Ncrypt ensures your vital information is safe guarded from unauthorized persons by using dynamic Cypher Keys to generate algorithms with which you information in encrypted.


Safe & reliable payment

Monies are handled through trusted payment gateways and is only sent to the seller or service provider after the buyer or client has confirmed receipt of their goods or service.

Setup a bank collection account and any money that’s paid to you will be automatically transferred to that account. No need to manually cash out.

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