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Your security is our priority

We built SafeTrade to ensure that your interest is protected when making a transaction with someone else and to execute these transactions your vital information needs to be shared with us. We take security of information very seriously that's why we make use of Ncrypt through out our systems. Ncrypt ensures that vital information provided to us is only readable to you the user and the receiving party where the case may be and nobody else in between.

Personal details

Your personal details like your password and address is encrypted. This information is not shown to the second party in a transaction and is only visible to SafeTrade.


Your messages sent in the conversation of an issue with the transaction second party and the broker are all encrypted.

Bank info

Your bank information in which SafeTrade uses to make payment to you is encrypted and is only visible when payment is to be made to you.

point rating system

The higher the rating, the better

Curbing fraudulent users and ensuring safety is our top priority. We look into each transaction and study the issues that arise, the statistics of users and behavioural patterns of reported users. Users also have the ability to blacklist other users who they do not want to be discoverable to or transact with.

We have also developed a rating system to allow you know the statistics of the users whom you wish to transact with. This helps to know if a user has pattern of having cancelled transactions rather than completed transactions. We encourage users to rate other users whom they have transacted with previously, this generates a point rating out of 5 to show the credibility of a user to other users they have come across with.

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