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SafeTrade is a secured way of making transactions. SafeTrade is fast, secure and accessible on all your devices. You can start a transaction with someone using just their name, email address and address — they don't need to have a SafeTrade account.

2% charge of transactions from ₦1,000 - ₦249,999. With a cap of ₦5,000

1.5% charge of transactions from ₦250,000 - ₦999,999. With a cap of ₦15,000

1.2% charge of transactions from ₦1,000,000 - ₦1,999,999. With a cap of ₦22,800

1% charge of transactions from ₦2,000,000. With a cap of ₦50,000

Yes you can. SafeTrade ensures that no one is cheated and everyone walks away happy from the transaction. It protects you the seller by allowing the buyer of your product to make full payment first before you deliver their product to them.
Yes you can. Start a service transaction today with the client and you can set a time frame for the project, the payment installments and the deliverables to be achieved before an installment.
Item transactions require inspection periods which is between 1 - 7 days dependent on terms of engagement for a transaction. After the inspection period is elapsed and there is no submitted issue concerning the item, your money is sent to you within 24 hours.


No need to worry. When you make payment your money stays with SafeTrade until you authorize to send the money to the seller of the product. If you have an issue with an item, start an issue and the broker assigned to your account will mediate to come to a solution. If you wish to cancel the transaction, your money would be sent back to you after you have returned the item to the seller.

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